Sunday, 28 December 2014

Bicycles featured on Wine Labels

In my local Morrisons supermarket I spotted a crate of wines with a bicycle featured on the label. Of course I could not resist buying a couple of bottles. The wine is a Pinot Noir from Chile. The brand name – as you can see – is Cono Sur. I fear this is a horrible pun for ‘Connoisseur’ but I hope I am wrong.
The featured bicycle appears to be an old-fashioned standard safety model, with mudguards, rod (stirrup) brakes, simple North Road handlebars giving an upright riding position, and a single-speed freewheel.

You can imagine it as just the sort of bicycle on which a wizened vineyard-worker would pedal very gently from his white-walled cottage to the sun-soaked vineyard two kilometres outside the village.

The label at the back of the bottle says At Cono Sur, we do things the natural way. Everywhere you look you will see bicycles propped up against walls and at the end of rows of vines. The bicycle symbolizes our spirit of innovation, passion, commitment and respect for the environment, as well as our persistence in always finding the latest techniques in the vineyards and winemaking in order to take care of our land.

Well, I take it we wouldn’t argue with any of that?
‘But how good is the wine?’ you ask. At the price, not at all bad.

Since writing the above, I have discovered that there is nothing new in the idea of bicycle wine labels. Sainsbury's were using the same motif in 2001: